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Quick Details

2 Hour Hires Minimum Height: 5ft.
4 Hour Hires Minimum Height: 5ft.
8 Hour Hires Minimum Height: 5ft.
2 days Minimum Height: 5ft.
3 days Minimum Height: 5ft.
4 days Minimum Height: 5ft.

Experience the ultimate mountain biking adventure in the beautiful landscapes of the South East of England with the Lapierre Edge 2.9 Mountain Bike rental.

Whether you’re a local looking to explore the South Downs stunning trails or a visitor seeking an adrenaline-fueled outdoor activity, renting the Lapierre Edge 2.9 is the perfect choice. With its top-of-the-line features and exceptional performance, this bike is designed to handle the challenging terrain of the South East, providing you with an unforgettable ride. Discover the breathtaking coastal beaches, conquer thrilling descents, and create lasting memories as you navigate the trails of the South East of England on the iconic Lapierre Edge 2.9 Mountain Bike.